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Re: [MOL] Decisions, decisions....

Hi Jean,
I think becoming a Brownie troop leader is a good plan. I was a Cub Scout
Den Mother when my son was little. I enjoyed the kids. I found the hardest
kid to deal with when we held meetings was my own. I think there was a
little jealousy and testing to see if he could get away with more than the
others. It is interesting how kids react when their parent is in charge of
a group they are in. I sometimes wonder how my dad dealt with it. I had him
for a teacher at least two hours a day for three years when I was in 6th
through 8th grade.

Anyway give it a shot and have a good time. It will be good for you and for
your daughter.

Liz P.

>Just thought I'd write to tell you I'm considering becoming a Brownie
>troop leader.

Liz P. Of Yakima

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