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[MOL] Aredia

I have breast cancer with mets to the bone.  Last week I took my first treatment with Aredia and experienced just about every side effect listed.  I had nausea, tremendous skeletal pain, fever, broke out in red splotches on the arm where the IV was.  During this past week, the skeletal pain has pretty much gone away,  but the pain in my back where the tumor is has been more painful than before I took the Aredia.  My doctor's office says that I am only the second patient they have had to have this kind of reaction.  I figure that if the discomfort is short term, I'm willing to put up with it if I can expect to see some long term gain.  If my having all of these side effects means that my body doesn't like this drug and I'm not likely to benefit from it, then I have to rethink whethe or not I want to continue.  And, how many doses do you have to take before you see improvement?  Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.  I'm scheduled for dose #2 in September.