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[MOL] Hi Karen


First let me start off saying your mom will be in my prayers.
I recently signed on to this terrific group of people.  My mom also has
cancer. (colon).  One of the most important things that I learned while going
thru this horrific ordeal with mom is not to believe in the time the doctors
might say is left.  When my mom had surgery in January I asked how long she
had and was told maybe 2 months.  I was told a few weeks after the operation
to put my mom in hospice and pray she stays comfortable.  Well it has been
almost 9 months and my mom is doing okay.  She is a fighter.  She had
radiation which helped and is now on 5FU chemo.  She has her good and bad
days.    It's really good to listen to your mom also if she says she is tired
some days listen- because at the beginning I was telling my mom MOVE AROUND
MOM don't let the cancer take over.  But most of the time she needs rest and
plenty of it.  I found that when I left her in Florida she was sad but she
started to fight she keeps saying I don't have cancer the doctors are crazy.
And now when I talk with her oncologist she tells me my mom is doing fine and
that maybe they will operateagain (God Please Answer this prayer) and take out
the mass.  So sweetie believe in the lord and give him your heart and prayers.
I never prayed before this and now -well let us just say God has truly
listened to me and the angels are listening also.  I didn't by all means
wanted to be a selfish daughter and have her alive and in horrible pain and
not to see her die. I wanted her here so since this happened to our whole
family I have always told my mom I LOVE YOU.  I'm ashamed to say I rarely said
it to her before.   Just let out your emotions. Listen to this great MOL
group.  This group has given me alot of insight, support and love.  I love
them as if they have been in my family forever.     My eyes might cry tears
for all that my mom has had to endure but my heart now gives loves and support
for all that she has done to get this far.  It's now our turn to take care of
our moms.  sorry everyone for such a long one.
Hugs, Kisses 
God Bless
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