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[MOL] Judy & Carol - hair loss

It does come in nice and thick -- and I had the world's straightest
hair, but it came in very wavy! In addition to wigs, try hats, too.
Experiment a little. I found wigs uncomfortable, so I never even wore
the one I bought. (We do however have some priceless pictures of male
friends trying it on, and my then teen-age son wore it to school and won
a bet! LOL!) I had a blast with hats, though, even found a baseball cap
with a propellor! Sadly, now that my hair's grown back in, none of them
fit -- and at times i miss being able to just shower, squeegee off my
head, and go! A friend used little removeable tatoos; I was sorry I
didn't think of that. I guess all I want to say is that losing your hair
can be tough, but you can get through it --it's all in "attitude!" Hang
in there, girlfriends1 Love, Joicy

JUD814@aol.com wrote:
> Dear Carol.
> I was told to go out and get a short hair cut befor it starts to come out so
> it want be so bad.. am going Tuesday.. The information you just got is going
> to help me.. I just had my first kemo treatment yesterday, guess I have about
> 3 weeks befor I get in your shoes.. Keep your chen up.. I also was told it
> comes back pertier. and thicker..I really can't wait for that because i have
> baby fine hair and streght as a board..Good luck kido. will pray for you..
> Judy
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