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[MOL] Carla

Carla, your store sounds great! Love your ideas, and feel it can't help
but be a great success! Love, Joicy

ken naehring wrote:
> Les, thank you my friend...  It will be a mixture..  Antiques, collectibles,
> new items, bath products, garden, handmade things, art and so on and so on.
> I am only going to open the front 1/3rd of the store and keep adding to it.
> I spent today doing some creative research.  I would like to help bring out
> some talented people.  I will also do consignment.  If all is well in
> January, then I will open a classroom in the store and we will have classes
> to teach all sorts of creative things...  I am just being loose about where
> it begins and what it leads to...  In fact I need help with a name, so I
> think I will do a name the store contest and send a prize to the one who
> comes up with the best name...   I will post that soon...  I know how
> talented our fellow molers are and my brain is getting burnt out right now!!
> Love you bud!!  Carla
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