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Re: [MOL] Decisions, decisions....

Jean, Go for it!! Sounds like you really want to do it, and like you
have losts of support, so don't let your fears get in the way of
something special. Worst case scenario? If it doesn't work after a year,
you move on. In the meantime, have a blast! My mom was a professional
worker with the Girl Scouts when I was growing up, and loved it. My bet
is that you will be wonderful!! LOve, Joicy

Thomas A Johnson wrote:
> Hi,
> Just thought I'd write to tell you I'm considering becoming a Brownie
> troop leader.  It's a hard decision to make because my self-doubter keeps
> telling me that I won't do well at it and maybe I'll be overloading
> myself right now and maybe I'll get bored or tired of it before the
> school year ends.  I'm trying to ignore that critical voice, though,
> because it might prove to be a very rewarding experience.  And Tom said
> he doesn't think it'll involve all that much time.  He said he could help
> me w/preparations, although he couldn't be at meetings.  Jane van
> Sickel's daughter is on the waiting list for Brownies, too, so I might
> even be able to recruit her to help out.  I get so fearful of leadership
> positions, but I'm usually my own worst enemy.
> The Brownie coordinator who spoke to me couldn't have been more pleasant
> and encouraging.  She said Shannon is on a waiting list of 4 girls.  She
> said more girls will end up on the list, but they really need troop
> leaders.  She said I could hold the meetings as often or as seldom as I'd
> like.  It could turn out to be lots of fun and exciting.  And I *do* know
> some other mothers who might come to help out even if their daughters
> aren't in this particular troop.  Anyway, I told the coordinator that I
> needed to think about it.  I tried to get onto the internet to see if
> there's any source for Brownie troop ideas, but Tidalwave won't let me on
> tonight. (sigh)
> Shannon threw up tonight, too.  I'm not sure if it was due to her asthma
> because we played down in the basement and I haven't dusted or vacuumed
> down there for awhile....or if she's just getting sick.  The kids have
> gone a good spell of time w/o any illness, so it might be their turn now.
> Anyway, that's the situation here.  I know some other women who have been
> Brownie leaders who might help me if I choose to lead.  I'm just fearful
> of failing.  And yet, I think this is exactly what the psychiatrist
> advised me to do - reach out, involve myself with other adults.  In a
> leadership position, I would *have* to connect with the other mothers.
> -Jean
> P.S.  Shannon likes the idea of me leading her troop (and so does
> Michael).
> P.S.S. to Bonnie:  Kevin is annoyed these days because Shannon wants to
> play alone with Christine and delegate Kevin to Michael.  Michael likes
> the deal, of course.
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