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[MOL] Assignment

Dear all,
especially those who asked about my progress on the latest assignment. No I
haven''t yet finished it, it's a doozy! But I did have enough sense to
email the course co-ordinator to ask (plead really) for an extension over
the weekend. Since I was last on mol, I have actually managed to complete
the first year! Looking back, I don't know how, but I ended up with a
distinction, a couple of credits and a pass.Not bad considering? Matthew
(my 4yr old who burnt himself last year) still has physio, but we now go
monthly, instead of weekly! yay! Cassie needs new glasses, has had
'grommets' (ear tubes) inserted, attends a special preschool where she is
learning more and more signs (she doesn't speak), so many in fact that I am
going to have to brush up on my signing, or I won't be able to keep up! The
other kids are doing well, Jessie recently did her grade two ballet exam
(RAD) and got a commendation. Since she skipped grade one, and only
expected to pass, she did extremely well. Damian has been having problems
with his asthma lately, and I am going to have him re-assessed regarding
his treatment. David (the oldest at 14) is growing up far too quickly for
my liking, but then I have days when I wish they were all grown up! lol.
Lisa's boys are doing fairly well, there have been a few clashes with their
nan (Lisa's mum) but overall, everyone is hangin' in there. To all of you
whom I haven't met before, welcome. You will find as much support and info.
as you need here, if you want it. Take care all, love Marianne

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