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[MOL] joke :-)

Hmmm...I think there's some truth to this one! Have a great day!

At the beginning of a relationship...
Woman: Darling, I'd like you to meet my cat.
Man: (under his breath: Ugh. I hate cats.) Uh, hi. Nice kitty.

As the relationship progresses...
Woman: Dear, I get the impression that you don't like my cat.
Man: That's ridiculous. I love Poopsie. (under his breath: This cat is
our relationship.)

As the relationship reaches a more stable level...
Woman: Oh, Poopsie looks just so cute sitting there on your lap.
Man: (Darn thing's shedding all over my new suit.) Well, I guess she's not

Woman: I swear, you like that cat more than you like me.
Man: You know that's not true. I can't help it if she follows me around all
the time.

The final stages...
Man: Honey, have you seen my cat anywhere?
Woman: What do you mean, your cat?

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