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[MOL] Time to decide

Hello friends,
     I hope this letter finds all well. I have not posted in a while. I am at
a point in my treatment that I must make a next step decision and I wanted to
check and see if any one has an expereience that might be helpful.  I am not
looking for a medical opinion but I am looking for someone who has tried some
of the choices that I now have.
     I am 35 and have non small cell adeno.  It had mets. to my bone when we
found it in February.  I have had 8 rounds of chemo using taxotare and
carboplatin. The tumor in my lung has decreased in size a little and I have no
new sites.  My choices are either to quit now and take a break.  If I did that
we would just watch everything and if it starts to regrow start a second line
chemo.  I can start the second line chemo now, or try 2 more of my current
     Has anyone gone straight from one chemo to the other with any success?  I
am araid if I try second chemo now that I will be using up another of my
weapons that I may need when it starts to regrow.  I feel like this is a
really big decision.  I am leaning toward trying 2 more of the current since
it has basically decreased the size a little and has at least kept it staple.
     I would really appreciate any imput.
                     Debbie M.  
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