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Re: [MOL] Ohhh Les!! ohhh Carla/Ahhhh Les?

In a message dated 98-08-26 23:07:29 EDT, you write:

 Just one question for you my friend.. Do you believe in the tooth fairy?? ((
Of course I do))
 If there is a Corvair Club here in Cincinnati and  the Miata Club joins
 in....Does that mean that the corvairs get towed to a spot and the Miata
 Club stops there for a refreshment break on their road rally?????  I am
 sure, that you are not trying to tell me that any of those corvairs are
 still  running around!!!  ((  Of course they are still running around )) Next
you'll be talking real nonsense and saying that the Miata Club joins the Edsel
Club..!! (( I didn't know they had an Edsel club.  Where are they?))    LOL!!!
Love, hugs and
 prayers!!  Carla >>

Each day is a ride through life, it is a shame I didn't realize it before this
part of the journey.  Love  ;>)  Les
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