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Re: [MOL] Ohhhhh Nanc!!!

Oh!  Carla, you are just too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS  This Elephant, Les says is a fire fighter, and it's lost on I 76, and he
won't buy a mol shirt size 20X because it won't fit the Elephant, and she
won't come home now that shirt is 20 foot across,  now girl I know you can't
be that big, cause the shirt you ordered was a lot smaller then that.  The
Elephant also had burns all over that Les never got tended to, because she
escaped.  And I know your not crazy enough to live with Les.  LOL

In a message dated 8/26/98 11:53:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< There is a pink elephant running around Ohio....!!  I told Sally and all
 several months ago that I had the desire to do ballet again and I confessed
 that I would look like a pink elephant!!  and I live in Ohio!!!!
 Ohhhh Nanc... you can really hurt a gal!!  LOL!! Carla
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