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[MOL] ovarian cancer

Hello.  My name is Karen.  My mother was diagnosed with ovarian III C last
May.  She is 59 years old.  She underwent a complete hysterectomy and partial
colon resection.  She has been having chemo treatments every 3 - 4 weeks since
that time.  Last week she had a bone scan performed because she has been
suffering with severe back and leg pain.  The scan showed suspious areas in
the thoracic and pelvic area.  Her Internist told her that he was not
qualified to diagnose the probability and was forwarding the bone scan results
to her oncologist.  She is scheduled for her next treatment tomorrow
(Thursday).  She stated to my sister that she was going to ask for the "real
truth" on her chances.  Thus far, we have only been told that her chances are
50/50.  I do not belive this is acurate, although I have not conveyed such to
my mother.  

Is this anything like your experience?   Do you have any recommendations for

Thank you in advance for any information you may have and, most importantly
for your use of valuable time in responding to this e-mail.

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