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[MOL] summer's over!

Dear MOLers, well, summer is over for me!!  I just realized that tonight is
the last night that I don't have to get up and go to work the next morning.
I know......don't throw a pity party for me!!  I actually thought that I
would be really lazy tomorrow and do whatever I pleased (within reason, of
course).  About 4PM however, I received a call from an elderly member of
our church asking me if I could take her to Dayton tomorrow for
preadmission testing.  (She is having open heart surgery Tues.)  So, I said
of course I could take her down.  The testing is at 8:30, so I have to pick
her up at 7AM!  YIKES!!  She told me they told her it should ONLY take
about 4 hours!  WOW!  So, I guess it will be a rather lazy day for
me.......sitting around reading a book or doing my counted cross stitch
while she gets her testing done. Well, I guess that I'd better head off to
bed.  All of my dear MOL friends are in my thoughts and prayers.  Take care
of yourselves......and each other!      Mary Ann

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