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Re: [MOL] Yorktown (June)- Trip/June- Carla

Dear June,

Please let me know how the SRS treatments go.  Angelo and I are
considering this treatment when he finishes Chemo.

Love to you,
> Carla:  I hope we can work it out also.  If I don't make the trip, I
> will be there in spirit.  That is right around the time I will be
> going through the 5 treatments from Staten Island Hosp.  There's a
> possiblity of fatigue, I just am not sure how I will feel....
> Have a great day.       June
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>      Hope that you and Pam can work it out for NY!!!!!  Would love to
>      meet you both!!  Carla
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>           PJ
>           Hi.  I hope all is well for your Mom.  Keep in touch, it
>           would be great to ride together.
>           Your friend     June
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>           Hi June, Lillian and Everyone:
>           I would love to meet my new friends.  I won't know if mom
>           has surgery until
>           maybe God willing next week at the earliest.  I would be
>           more than happy to
>           have a car pool buddy along for the ride.
>           I would appreciate it if someone can give me the particulars
>           (date, place
>           etc.) and I'll work it from there.  (If this info is on the
>           web let me know
>           how I can access it).
>           Also, please don't think I'm nuts but I forgot how I
>           contacted the MOL-cancer
>           forum. When my mom is up to it she may want to sign in.
>           By the way my scanner is still down.  I probably will take
>           someone up on the
>           offer to mail out my pix.  If anyone out there has an ARTEC
>           AM12E scanner e-
>           mail me and maybe my problem was your problem.  Thanks.
>           Love, hugs, kisses and most of all God's Blessings
>           PJ.
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