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Re: [MOL] JOKE!/Les comments(( ))

-a newly discovered tale of Dr. Seuss...

 I'm here to ask
 As you'll soon see-
 Did you grope
 Miss Lewinsky?

 Did you grope her
 In your house?
 Did you grope
 Beneath her blouse?

 I did not do that
 Here nor there-
 I did not do that

 I did not do that
 Near or far-
 I did not do that

 Did you smile?
 Did you flirt?
 Did you peek
 Beneath her skirt?

 And did you tell
 the girl to lie
 When called upon
 To testify?

 I do not like you
 I think that you
 Have gone too far.

 I will not answer
 Any more-
 Perhaps I will go
 Start a war

 The public's easy
 To distract-
 When bombs are
 Falling on Iraq

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