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Re: [MOL] Thanks for the prayers!

Dear Vicci, So good to hear from you and see you back on line. You are
too funny, girlfriend -- don't ever lose that great sense of humor!
Love, Joicy

Vicci Ewen wrote:
> Dear Joicy,
> What wonderful news.  I know exactly what those pictures look like as
> Rich's doctor gave him a  set of four.  I put them in his file but I think
> that I will take them out and cut them apart and put one under the
> windshield wiper of the next person that parks so close to me that I can't
> open my door to get in.  I had to crawl in from the shot gun side.  That's
> me, always thinking.   Hee Hee
> Seriously, I'm happy for you and I do hope all your tests keep coming up
> negative.  Love Vicci
> PS  Sorry I haven't written trying to get a post in now and
> then.
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