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[MOL] Bronchioalveolar Adenocarcinoma : to whom it may concern


A member of my family has lung cancer named Bronchioalveolar Adenocarcinoma. He does not have access to the Internet and asked me to mention his story on the Internet.

He has been diagnosed in October 1992 with non-operable Bronchioalveolar Adenocarcinoma of the lung, complicate through malignant pleurisy on the left, however without other accidental metastasis. 

There was a decent tumor respons after 17 treatments chemotherapy with the following products: Platinol + Vindexine + Ifosfamide.

In August 1994 the therapy has been stopped but there was still a litte indication.

In July 1998 he went for a half-year check-up to his doctor who took a thorax X-ray.

The diagnose was :

Conclusion : restart with the same therapy of 6 years ago.

Now he asks if there is someone with that kind of cancer that can give more information about a product that can disappear the tumor?

Are there any other products or treatments in order to find a solution?

Thank you for your cooperation or information.

Best regards, 


e-mail: rudi.beernaert@village.uunet.be