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[MOL] Re: MOL Vicci--Your shirt went out today.

Hi Vicci,
Let me know when you get your shirt.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

In a message dated 8/26/98 10:05:59 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
zaiger@cdsnet.net writes:

<<  Dear Nancy,
 > Yes! I do want a T-shirt.  An Ex-Large.  I'll wear it proudly.  Sending
 > check tonight and hopefully will find some pics for you to scan to Ross.
 > Addrress: Vicci Ewen
 >                 PO Box 1349
 >                 Eagle Point OR 97524
 >                 if UPS please send to: 299 Loto St.  Eagle Point OR 97524
 > but no mail  will they deliver at the house.  Thanks Nancy    Can't wait to
 > see it.  I can't find it on Ross' Photo Album.  Where can I see it?  I can
 > see the
 > pic's but don't know where the shirt is?  Doesn't matter.....I'll see it
 > soon enough.  I wrote the check so now I need to go find pic's.  Take care
 > Nanc    Love Vicci >>
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