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Re: [MOL] Zoloft, Prozac and Interferon Information- Marty

I must come in defense of Zoloff......I  certainly have not had any of those side reactions, and I believe it has did me allot of good by keeping the edge off.  I was on 150 m. down to 50m now.  Also I have been reading some pretty negative things recently about St. John's Wort; as I was thinking about changing over to a natural substance.  In any event, I will speak to my doctor, because he is a believer in natural remedies. Thanks! your friend, lillian

Argila, June wrote:


Hi Marty:

As for the Zoloft, delayed orgasm is to say the very, very, very least.  My next step was St. Johns Wort.  That worked well and I guess about a month later I was able to accept my destiny whatever Gods will is for me and I was able to discontinue the St. Johns Wort also.

Your friend     June