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[MOL] Needle-free injections launched by UK company

Good Morning My FRiends,

Thought this info would be beneficial. For your information my Barbara
has been injected for either blood testing, chemotherapy, IV immune
therapy, vaccines, antigens, etc 1082 times in the past four years. She
is not a candidate for a port-a-cath. So this new needle-free injection
would be a welcome invention. (Yes, I have kept count, as I keep records
of everything and anything to do medically for Barb). It has been one
heck of a learning experience.

God Bless
marty auslander

            LONDON, Aug 25 (Reuters) - A British company said on Tuesday
it had developed a new needle-free injection device that
delivers drugs into the body with minimal pain.
            The device, described as a world first and called Intraject,
aims to take the fear out of jabs and is a more hygenic
alternative to conventional injections.
            It is targetted particularly at people suffering from
conditions such as hepatitis C who need regular injections and
who often adminster the jabs themselves.
            The Intraject device, developed by British-based Weston
Medical, contains a small pressurised canister to which is
attached a sealed glass capsule containing the medication.
High-pressure jets force the liquid into a tiny jet which
pierces the skin.
            Weston Medical says the drug enters the body with minimal
tissue damage and is almost painless.
            Trials are due to start later this year and if they go well,
the product could be in general use by the year 2001.

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