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In a message dated 98-08-25 22:27:13 EDT, you write:

 Of course I read Les's post from Dave Barry....  Does this mean you and I
have something in common Les. We both have a wierd sense of humor.
 Liz P.
 >Did anyone else read some long cockamamie dissertation about cars and
 >gasoline and vacuum cleaners?  Has our friend Les lost his marbles? Or
 >maybe his Miata???  May the force be with him -- he needs all the help
 >he can get -- he and his friend Dave Berry. LOL - Nonie >>

With my neighbors help I do intend to try the gasoline and my Sears shop vac
in the middle of the street. If you see the top to my vac let me know.  Yes I
do have a weird/warped sense of humor, and yes, I do need help, and yes the
"Force is with me" (powered by gasoline).

Love ya  ;>)  Les

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