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Re: [MOL]

Dear Marianne,

Thank you for this website of wealth of information. Many of these
discussion groups I log onto each day, Ovarian, Mol, Prostate, Breast
and there is a wealth of information and can become quite overwhelming.
But, you get to meet the most gracious of humans and the compassion of
humanity is so gratefully received.  Thank you for your humanity.

God Bless
marty auslander

W&M ROSE wrote:
> Came across this today, it contains lots of links to all kinds of cancer
> and related topics. Hope it comes in handy.
> Marianne
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                                         Name: Cancer - Online Information Sources FAQ.url
>    Cancer - Online Information Sources FAQ.url          Type: Internet Shortcut (application/x-unknown-content-type-InternetShortcut)
>                                                     Encoding: 7bit
>                                                  Description: Cancer - Online Information Sources FAQ (Internet Shortcut)
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