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Re: [MOL] E.Coli Bacteria Found in Beef

Lillian - yes, in some cases young beef animals are given a growth hormone
known as Ralgro.  It is inserted beneath the skin on the back of the ear. 
All it does is give an extra energy boost to the youngsters.  It is given
in minute amounts at 3-4 mos. of age.  With the exception of veal, most
beef animals are not slaughtered until they are about 16 mos. of age or
older.  Therefore, the hormones have done their job as far as growth (sort
of like vitamins would) and have been unused long enough that they have
been carried out of the body's meat before consumer consumption. 
Injectables have to be used because to produce beef in bulk, they are not
tame animals so it is unreasonable to treat with oral/topical/etc. unless
they are small enough to handle.

My sheep are organic with the exception of tetanus/overeaters vaccinations
at two and five weeks of age.  Our cattle receive tetanus at 3-4 mos. 
Different producers/operators have different programs.

See my lengthy post in response to Marty's.  Thank you for your interest.


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