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Re: [MOL] Nancy - shirts/Mary

Dear Mary:
I'll write to you more tomorrow on the Lupus, I'm about ready to go to bed.
You can send a check for the shirts to;

Nancy L. Postema
97 N. Weber Road
N. Muskegon, MI  49445
(616) 744-8362

Prednisone helps a lot, but the side effects are just awful, I wouldn't stay
on it.  I still have to take it now and then, but I wean off as soon as I
start it.  I was on plaquinel, I'm not sure of the spelling on that one, but
it almost caused me to go blind, so I haven't taken it for a long time.  I
think it was in 1976 that I found out I had Lupus.  If I stay away from sun
and stress I do pretty good.  Since I was diagnosed I have not known a day
without pain, I guess I've just learned to live with it.  I've never heard of
anyone having Chemo for it.  What I was told was that they really don't know
what causes it and they don't know how to treat it, it's just hit and miss.
It's always awful to see young children have such bad disease's.  Last Jan.  I
though I was having a heart attack, was in the hospital for a week, all kinds
of tests, found out I had 5 ribs out of place on my left side, had to have
therapy twice a week 4 months.  They said the cause was from the Lupus.  My
girlfriend called so that's why I am writing about the Lupus now.  I don't
know for sure what you want to know about.  You can ask me anything, I'll try
and answer you.  I'm off to bed.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

In a message dated 8/25/98 8:50:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< Dear Nancy,
 I seem to recall you saying you had lupus.  My good friends daughter
 who is only 10 years old has systemic lupus.  My mother-in-law has
 lupus also but not systemic.  The ten year old is taking chemotherapy
 treatments of cytoxin.  Have you ever heard of this?  Poor little
 thing is a twin also and the prednisone they have had her on in the
 past has completely changed the way she looks.  She has so many
 problems from this lupus.  How long have you had it?  Any info would
 be appreciated.
 I would also like to order two shirts from you for Angelo and I.
 Should I just mail you a check?  How much are they?  I need a 
 Medium and  Large.
 >  >>
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