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Nonie, for starters, no apologies are ever needed for "taking care of
business" -- You need to do whatever is necessary to take care of
yourself. We're just terribly greedy, and you have such a beautiful way
with words, so we miss you when you're not on line. I'm just so sorry to
hear about all your set backs; I'm clearly going to have to up the
amperage on my prayers for you.  (Speaking of prayers...thanks for your
prayers for me. I deeply appreciate it.)

I just feel SICK that you won't be with us in New York, but I will do my
best to represent you! You can send the goodies to my work address:
	Joicy Becker-Richards
	PTS - Media Services
	Ground Level, Templeton Hall
	64 Mercer St.
	Princeton, NJ 08542
While you're sending it, why don't you send me a photo to scan in for
our Mol page? I'll be sure to send it right back, and it would mean a
lot to all of us. And we'll figure out some other way to get together
when you;re feeling better, ok?

{By the way, love your sense of humor -- it keeps us sane, doesn't it? I
never did wear wigs when I lost my hair. I shaved my head and did hats
when I wasn't "au naturelle"...}

Cyber-hug right back at you! Love, Joicy

John Waller wrote:
> Joicy,
> Thanks for your kind words last week.  I've been off line for several
> days -- have had several setbacks and altho' I've been trying to read
> the posts, I have not been able to respond.
> Am just delighted your tests turned out so good.  I'm going to take some
> of the credit, for I was sending my best prayers heavenward for you.
> When I think of what some of these cancer survivors, cancer journeyers,
> and cancer caregivers are going through, my problems seem
> inconsequential.  I'm on chemo, but feel good this round.  But I have
> developed a severe vision loss because my tumor is pressing against my
> optic nerve, and in the last 10 days, I have lost alomost all my sight.
> I had an emergency MRI today, talked with my Neurosurgeon this
> afternoon, and will talk with my oncologist tomorrow.  It looks like the
> only solution is going to be another craniotomy afterall.  As bad as the
> surgery is, the worst part is that I WILL MISS THE GATHERING ON
> screaming out loud!  You don't know how much I had been looking forward
> to the gathering -- I even had a little skit prepared and some goodies
> to hand out.  If I send them to you, would you like to do it for me?
> If so, I will try to get everything off to you by Fed Ex if I know your
> snail mail address. Knowing your personality, you can probably pull it
> off better than I could!  Let me know your thoughts...
> Sending a cyber hug -- Nonie
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