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[MOL] Bonnie

Dear Molers,
I just saw footage on T.V. about cyclone Bonnie. Whew! and they say it
hasn't hit yet!
Our thoughts are with all who may be affected by her. We have just had some
very strange weather here too. Most of the lower Hunter (where we live)
along with many parts of Oz has been flooded over the past few weeks. We
were lucky in that it caused relatively minor problems for the town, but
many of the farms have been devastated. Our premier declared it a natural
disaster zone. Trouble is, in a couple of months it will be spring and
drought season! It seems there is no middle ground anymore. Well guys, take
care, thinking of you all.
Love Marianne
Oh yeah, I am soooo envious of you guys who are going to meet at the march,
wish I could go, but NY may as well be the flamin' moon! Ah well, you'll be
in my thoughts, and who knows maybe I can get an Australian chapter
going??? As if I haven't got enough to do already! I really am my own worst
enemy! LOL.

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