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[MOL] Carol - hair loss


Losing one's hair to chemo is wierd.  The scalp may be really sore on
top one day, then on one side the next.  The hair itself may feel that
it has sprouted nerves and hurts -- but it is really the nerve endings
inside the scalp.  Sometims, I felt that if I didn't get home and get my
wig off, my whole head was going to burn right through to the brain!  It
ain't fun, Magee, as my ole granny used to say.  But it gives you great
sources for jokes -- if you and your family have a sense of humor!
When I first started losing my hair, I just had wisps from about the
middle of my scalp toward the back, and looked just like Benjamin
Franklin.  I went to France and was a sensation in all the 18th century
salons!  (Hah Hah).  My husband finally found a pair of scissors and
took care of that!  My friends have gotten used to the GI Jane/bald is
beautiful look, but I still wear my wig out in public, just so I won't
scare the horses.  Know it is an adjustment -- we're with you all the
Cyber hug -- Nonie Waller
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