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[MOL] More on Christel

Hi, Y'all,

Thanks for the prayers for Christel, my friend's daughter with the thalmic
(sp) anaplastic astrocytoma.  She went home today after having her third
shunt put in.  Her second one had gotten plugged on both ends.  Is this
normal?  Her first one quit working, too.  This is her third since

Thank you also for the letters to her mom.  She is really looking for herb
therapy, info on chelation, etc.  They just put Christel in a clinical
trial for Temodal (Temosolomide).  They're doing this because they have
nothing else to do to treat the tumor.  No other chemo or surgery.  Plus
she has to not go to school; she only got to go one week -- but she made it
three days.  

Christel is confounding the doctors with how well she is feeling.  She had
another MRI today, but I haven't heard the results.  We're hoping for a
miracle.  They said her symptoms aren't gibing with how fast the tumor is
growing and how big it is.  We're hoping maybe it decided to shrink back

Pray for it to shrink!  We'd love it if she got to be 13!

Liz Bilbro
Lubbock Texas
pyre @ mcione.com

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