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Re: [MOL] Ring The Bells...We Have a New Champion!!

Hey -- you guys think it's EASY to find jokes that bad?? I have to work
really hard at it -- twice as hard with you on vacation, John!! Take
today, for example; couldn't find even one that meets my low standards!
LOL! Love you guys, Joicy wrote:
> In a message dated 98-08-24 22:34:14 EDT, you write:
> << Dear Les,  ((and MOLers from John))
>  Congratulations,  you have just taken the title of "Worst Jokester" from
>  Joicy...who took it from me.  You certainly got my vacation off to a
>  wonderful start.  We decided to take things easy today since the troops
>  were a bit tired from their week and a half away.  We spent the day
>  running chores, shopping (yea Lil and Carla...a guy who shops and likes
>  it!) and getting school supplies out of the way.  One of Christine's (my
>  eight year old) friends had surgery for tonsils, adenoids, and a drain
>  for her ears (too many ear infections last year).  We decided to all make
>  get well cards for her, blew up a couple of balloons for her and walked
>  the mile to her house to surprise her.  The kids all had a ball and it
>  was good to see them thinking about someone else...I was proud of them,
>  especially since it was their idea.
>  Thanks for the jokes and know that you, along with the rest of the
>  "gang", are in my heart and prayers.  I do so wish you all well and at
>  peace.  God Bless you and please say hello to everyone on mol-cancer for
>  me...I do think of them in my daily prayers and miss them all.
>  Be with God Les.
>  John
>  On Mon, 24 Aug 1998 18:11:31 EDT writes:
>   >
>  >
>  >>From my MOL friend Joicy
> No! I do not take the tittle from Joicy because I forwarded the joke from her.
> No titles for me.
> I am with God  and I love you my friend.
>   ;>)  Les
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