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[MOL] Carla, Lillian, Paul, and Elizabeth (I think)

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for your supporting words and thoughts - ended up letting
them go themselves to the science center and the inner harbour and cried a
lot - maybe I needed that - and called a few really close friends - and
when they came back told them how I fel they were here for a vacation and
if that's what they want, next time they should go to new york where there
is more to do than here in Baltimore!  (When I get upset I am not good at
watching my tongue).  My family can be most manipulative so yesterday I had
to hear how everyone cried and how afraid they were, etc., etc; of course
not afraid enough to stay with me, but then how often do you get to see a
tourist attraction science center and the hard rock cafe?   heheheh

Anyway, I feel much better today - Tuesday.

And Carla, love your advice - so much needs done here it is sad and was
intending to hire someone when they leave - think I will ask them to do it!

Terrible aren't I?  :)

Love  and prayers to you all.  Hope you east coasters are ready for the


Sounds like you need to be honest with them.. Tell them that after they do
the dishes, vacuum, sweep, dust, clean the bathrooms etc,. that the two of
them can go siteseeing together....  Then all they will have to do when
they get home is dinner, dishes and laundry...  While they are doing that,
you can all talk about where they are going the next day and if there is
any part of their journey that you want to join them on!!  Don't hold it
inside, let it all hang out!!  You will find it can be very therapeutic!!
LOL!!  Good Luck and go for it girl!!   Carla

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