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Dear Judy, Welcome! There are several of us breast cancerers on line,
and I just wanted to let you know we're here for you in any way we can
be. You said in your other email that you are stage II -- me too. I had
a mod. radical mastectomy with 6 mos. chemo about 3 years ago for
lobular carcinoma. Just had one of my 4-month check-ups last week, and
so far, so good! What kind of cancer, and what other treatment besides

Good luck tomorrow! I've known a number of breast cancerers that have
had little trouble with the chemo, and I'll be praying you're one of
them! In the meantime, any assistance you can get from a nutritionist
would be helpful. You may also want to consider a combination of herbs
and acupuncture to keep your immune system strong (this can also help
greatly with side effects and bolstering your energy level. Let me know
if you want more info). Love, Joicy wrote:
> That really said it all.  Thanks I needed to read that at this time..I start
> my kemo tomarrow morning.  I have breast cancer and this is my first responce
> to ya'll MOL's..
> Love,
> Judy
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