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[MOL] trip to NY-all MOLers

Dear MOLers, I DID IT!!  I went in to AAA today and bought tickets to fly
into Newark on Fri. Sept. 18 and out again on Sept. 20.  I think that maybe
we will stay in the Newark area Friday night so that our son can meet us
for dinner and we can visit with him since we haven't seen him all summer.
Then we can drive up to the gathering Sat. morning.  What time will it
begin?  John, I think that you said you would be sending out directions,
instructions, etc, soon so I'll be waiting to hear from you.  We will
probably plan on driving back to Princeton Sat.  late afternoon or early
John, did you ever get any response on Project Rosebud?  I have my rosebuds
done.  Now I need to have my students work on messages for them next week.
I'm REALLY getting excited about this trip.  Can't wait to meet everyone
(and see you again, Joicy!!!!!)
Mary Ann

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