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Dearest Cindy,

As one of the strongest, most caring members on this forum, you have
printed yourself intimately on the hearts of all of us who have walked
the journey with you and Jim.  Your journey, your pain, your love is now
a part of the fabric of our souls and as such, binds you to us forever. 
Jim's memory will always be with us as part of the woof and weft of the
tapestry of our lives, and we are much enriched by the expeeriece. 
Thank you for sharing your love, your frustrations and your heartache
with those of us who love you in return.  Each and every one of us wish
we could syphon off your pain and make the sun and stars fill your life
with light and hope and gladness.  They will come in time, and we want
to be with you all the way.  In the meantime, know that a day does not
go by that you are not in our thoughts and our prayers.
With Love and Humility,
Nonie Waller
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