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[MOL] Welcome Bill, thanks for writing!

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Dear Bill:  You have given us good news.  It is so good to hear that you concur
with the treatment plan, are pleased with your wife's team and that things are
progressing well for her.  Thank God, we love to hear the good news, it somehow
gets us through the rough spots.  And me, stop battering the men?  I can't, I love
them so much.  We have wonderful men, though not many who are active and have the
greatest sense of humor's.  I just keep them on their toes; as they do me.  As far
as courage, yes, our molers have tremendous courage and Bill each and everyone, no
matter if they are on the journey or caregivers are some really very very special
people.  They make us realize that there is much good in our troubled society and
always so so willing to help the next person.  Bill, be nice if you and your wife
could come to N.Y. and meet some molers.  We are having a special event and there
should be roughly some 40 molers there. Some of us are going onto the March and
our dear Nanc has made up a wonderful t-shirt for any moler interested.  Cancer is
a journey, not only for your wife, daughter and yourself; it has many up's and
down's, we coined it the "roller coaster"; so hang in with us friend, you will get
lots of information in between all the giggles.......Our love and prayers to your
wife and yourself, it's not easy being the caregiver, we know.  It is so difficult
to watch the one you love the most go through this; so you have to be the very
best cheerleader, the best advocate and all this over and above your regular
responsibilities. Hope your shoulders are huge and comfy at the same time for your
dear wife. Your friend, Lillian

Bilh@aol.com wrote:

> Dear Lillian,
> Sorry I haven't written in a while. It has been a hectic three weeks with
> work, taking Lou Ann in for her daily radiation and getting our daughter,
> Katie, ready to go back to school. We have had a few complications with her
> medications which required two unexpected trips to the dr. Got the meds worked
> out and things are going relatively well. Things should get better next week.
> Katie will be in school and the last radiation will be Friday. Her next chemo
> is Thursday so we are not really looking forward to this weekend.
> I think I told you that my father is a retired doctor and we have had many
> fine MD's check Lou Ann's scans, biopsies, etc. They mostly all concur with
> her onc's treatment plan and we feel very good about her medical team. I have
> been reading all the MOL posts and doing alot of research on this type of
> cancer. I believe it was Les who posted a wonderful site on brain cancer. I
> sent off for the information from the web site and received a wonderfully
> informative packet on brain mets. It gave us hope for the future and made me
> realize that things really could be worse.
> I read the posts and my heart aches for many of our MOL friends and their
> battles. I see how strong people like Carla, Nonie, Mary and Angelo are and
> thank God that our situation is not at their level. I don't know if I could be
> as strong as they!
> Anyway Lillian, thanks again, stay out of Bonnie's way and stop picking on the
> poor men on this forum.
>                                                              God Bless,
>                                                              Bill

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