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[MOL] Cindy Crowe

                                           A poem called: 
                                            IN MEMORY                      

                               What mean you by this weeping
	                       To break my very heart?
	                   We both are in Christ's keeping, 
                                   And therefore cannot part.
                               You there, I here, though parted 
                                   We still at heart are one;
	                    I only just in sunshine,
                                   The shadow scarcely gone.
	                    What though the clouds surround you,
                                    You can the brightness see,
                                'Tis only a little way
                                    That leads from you to me.
                                 I was so very weary,
                                     Surely you would not mourn,
                                 That I a little sooner
                                     Should lay my burden down.
                                 Then weep not, weep not, Darling,
                                     God wipes away all tears;
	                     'Tis only a little way
                                      Though you may call it years.

Dearest Cindy,
I hope you don't mind that I took to my books of poetry and quotes to help
myself out a little after reading about Jims departure from his loved ones,
friends and this good green earth.  I came upon this poem again and wanted
to pass it along to you.  The last two lines brought a chill, as usual, and
I hope that it can be of some comfort to you as it has to me.  Nothing I
could say right now would be as profound as the little anonymous poem but I
want you to know that I think the world of you.  You've helped me so many
times by your words and I have felt your caring ways.  Please be good to
yourself.  My love to you and your family.  You will all be in my prayers. 

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