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Re: [MOL] Shirts mailed this Morning, ready to go out tomorrow!

Hi Pam,
 The Shirts are for everyone to wear in honor of the MOL's and letting
everyone know that we need more research for cancer, all kinds of cancer.  I
guess you could say it's the MOL's way of speaking out.  I also feel it is a
way that we can honor the MOL's that have lost their fight to cancer and the
caregivers, spouses, children, that must go on without their loved one.  And
in Honor of those who are fighting cancer and the survivors of cancer.  You
can view the Pattern in the MOL Album web page.
The shirt reads (A CELEBRATION OF LIFE), and our Logo of the world, and love
birds surrounding it.  With the top reading (A CELEBRATION OF LIFE) and on the
bottom (INTERNET MOL'S NEW YORK 1998).  All the MOL's that can make it to the
New York Meeting on Sept 19th will be wearing the MOL shirts, and some of the
MOLs that cannot make it to NEW YORK will wear them where ever they are on
that day.  Now if you would like a shirt, you send me a check for $12.00 per
shirt, which includes shipping for any size shirt, let me know the size you
want and where you want them shipped.  The design is on a White short sleeve
50/50 T-shirt.  If you have any questions please ask.
My address is;

Nancy L. Postema
97 N. Weber Road
N. Muskegon, MI  49445

(616) 744-8362
Love and prayers to you and yours,
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