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Re: [MOL] Nancy - shirts

Mary Ann,
It will be so neat for all of you to wear the shirts on our special MOL day, I
wished every one would wear one also in honor of all our MOL's who lost their
battle to cancer, and to the caregivers that helped them on their journey.  It
is so hard to lose a MOL, all of you are so neat.  To me it is an honor to be
a MOL, I really love my MOL family.  John and Mary Ann, I was so happy to talk
to you both tonight, you truly are neat people.  God bless all the MOL's

In a message dated 8/24/98 11:23:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< Nancy, you are tooooooo sweet for words!!!!!!  I was so surprised at your
 >phone call tonight.  How sweet of you to call and get my husband's shirt
 >order.    THANKS again!!    Check will be in the mail tomorrow.    Mary
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