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[MOL] Praying for your safety, glub, glub

DEarest lIL,

Hope you and the family are safe and well. Sure praying for you. Pls

send some of that this way. Could use the winds and the rains. Sure hot


God Bless


lillian B. Jennings wrote:


> We have been put on alert that Hurricane Bonnie is heading right for

> Beaufort, ouch, thats where I live!  We are presently buckling under,

> well I'm not I'm still yacking to my buddies on MOL.  My sons and

> husband are securing outside objects.  Our house I think will be pretty

> safe if it hits here, we have a jet ski to ride around on; etc.  We have

> loaded up on the usual can goods, water; etc. and all the gang will be

> here, Oh Lordy, we can I find a corner to hide.  Should you not see me

> on line, I am swimming!  Love you, Lil


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