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[MOL] not cancer-related

I was wondering if anyone lives in Lowell, MA, and could give me the
address of the newspaper there?  I'm trying to help my best friend,
Michelle, find out more about her dad, James Michael Koulouvaris, and she
told me an aunt said his family owned a store in Lowell, MA, in 1910 or
so?  It was written up in a newspaper, she said, but she didn't give the
name of the newspaper.  I figure she could write to the local newspaper
and have them search their archives for the article?

And John - did you ever hear of a restaurant in NYC called Jim & Andy's? 
Michelle said her father owned a restaurant by that name.  Apparantly the
Koulouvaris family moved to NY sometime around 1915.  Her grandparents
(Dionisios & Julia Koulouvaris died in NYC).

Just thought I'd ask.  Nothing else happening here.  Shannon practiced
roller skating some today.  Annie wrote another letter & I still have to
send that around to you.  She's doing alright - a little heartburn that
she says is typical after her chemo treatments.  And she said the doctor
can't assure her that this new hair won't fall out since it began to grow
back in before her last chemo treatment.

Tom's parents are coming to visit at the end of this week and the house
is a wreck.    But at least I don't have a hurricaine bearing down on me
like poor Lillian.  Lillian, hang in there.   You'll be in my thoughts
and prayers.  By the way, I think it's fairly ironic that my friend
Bonnie (Linda's mom) moved back to Jacksonville, FL, just in time for
this hurricaine which is named - what else? - Bonnie.  Jeez!  

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