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Re: [MOL] Les

In a message dated 98-08-24 09:03:28 EDT, you write:

<< Les, I can't believe you were at the Union Station.  Is that the same
 >thing as the Museum Center.  (( Yes it is))  We were just down there a week
ago with our son to see Everest before he headed back to CA.  (( If I had
known that we could have made it a meeting of sorts))  That would be a
surprise if we were at the same place at the same time!!  Trouble is we
wouldn't know it!!!   (( I am the short round fellow in a hat like Ross's
usually wearing dark glasses and being driven by Peggy in a white Miata))
Mary Ann >>

Where do you live? maybe you and Carla and Peggy and I could meet before the
Sept get together.  I live in west Chester, exit 22, off of I-75.

Love ya  ;>)  Les 
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