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I just found your website this morning and don't know where to begin.  My
mother was diagnosed with Non-small cell lung cancer/adenocarcinoma.  She
has 2 centimeter tumor in the lung and a 5 centimeter tumor in the liver.
It has started to spread to the hip but the radiation fixed that.  She has
been doing Chemo since last December.  The doctors say the tumors are
shrinking but how much we don't know.  My mother lives in Connecticut and I
live in Atlanta, Georgia.  My mother looks pretty bad and her lower stomach
around the liver is just sticking out more and more.  My mother is a big
drinker and smoker.  Does anyone know if it would make a difference if she
quit drinking and smoking would it help?

My mother is convinced she is going to die soon.  What can I do to lift her
spirits?  I don't know enough of the disease to know if she has a chance to

Helpless in Atlanta


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