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[MOL] Cindy

            Cindy, May God be with you and comfort you as you             
            you prepare to be able to go through the funeral.  I know
            that you know that Jim is with God in heaven and is out
            of pain and is watching over you and the family.
            It was not his choice to leave you all and you know more
            than any of us how he suffered as he held on to life,
            because of his love for you and his family.  As he loved
            you in life, know that he loves you still in his death.
            I pray that you will be able to grieve out the pain and
            then allow yourself to heal.  You have shared so much
            with so many while you have been on the cancering
            journey with Jim.  I pray that you will soon find a way
            to be able to live each day, without feeling you are still
            on the journey..  God will guide you to the journey of
            living....the journey of your life..
            God Bless you Cindy.  Know that you are in all of our
            prayers and we are here for you.  We will keep you
            lifted in our prayers.   With Love, Carla

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