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[MOL] Hello Everybody/Mary, Suzanne, Cindy C, etc...

Just a note to say hello! I have been reading quite a bit but I have not felt
up to posting.  

Chemo and radiation are going rather well. I have not been ill nor have I lost
my hair.  I am fatigued at times and have accepted that fact that it will take
time to get well.  

I was having severe chest pain last week.  The doctor told me my right upper
lobe had "caved in".  He said they could go in and put a stint? in my chest to
alleviate the pain however eventually it would re-inflate itself as the tumor
shrunk.  I said thanks but no thanks.  As it happened the pain subsided the
very next day.  I felt much better.  I am having difficulty swallowing due to
radiation but that's about it. '

The reality of my situation has finally kicked in.  It's kind of scary! I know
in my heart I will get well. In some strange way God has blessed me with this
opportunity to re-evaluate my life and that is what I have been doing.

Mary -Hang in there with Angelo.  My thoughts are with you and your children.

Suzanne - You and I have got to get together since we are so close. I have had
difficulty with people understanding that I am not feeling well.  I don't
think people intentionally mean anything by it.  They just do not realize how
the stress of cancer treatment can drain you physically and emotionally.
Recently I attended a wedding and a family member asked why I wasn't dancing.
They said you always loved to dance, you sure aren't the party girl anymore!
This was right around the time my upper right lung caved in.  I was on pain
killers, had been through the first week of radiation and chemo.  Now what did
they expect?  Did they really have to remind me? 

Cindy - May God bless you and your family.  I felt your anger the other day in
your post.  I sympathize.  This is an angry disease no matter how you cut it!
I also know that saying Jim is in a better place really doesn't cut it either.
He may be in a good place however you dear woman are left without him and I
know it hurts. Only in time will you heal and, at your own pace.  My thoughts
have been with you.

Sorry for ramblin..........


P.S. Lillian-Glad to see you back!  
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