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[MOL] info for breast cancerers...

Thought this might be of interest...the article also answered a question
someone asked about effectiveness of tamoxifen after 5 years; says that
after 5 years, Tamoxifen not only loses its effectiveness but actually
increases risk of reoccurence, with no other effective drug available after

Love, joicy

Unique study of breast cancer drug launched: New drug to be given
    only to 5-year survivors
    [08/20/98; The Toronto Star]

Canadian researchers are leading a major international study they
say could save the lives of tens of thousands of women battling
breast cancer around the world, and double the survival rate.

The study is unique because it is the first time a drug - other
than Tamoxifen, one of the most important anti-cancer drugs -
will have been studied for use beyond the five years after undergoing
breast cancer surgery, lead researcher Dr. Paul Goss said yesterday.

``This trial represents a brand new concept in treating breast
cancer patients,'' he said. 

If the results are positive, ``it will be the most significant
advance in numbers of lives saved from any therapy drug currently
being explored for breast cancer patients,'' he told a Toronto
news conference to launch the study yesterday. 

[the links change daily, but you can go to the link below, and find August
20 issue, then follow link to breast cancer story]

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