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[MOL] to my loyal subjects

Okay now that I have the crown I need to earn it so read on my loyal subjects

A widow named Emma was feeling depressed because her husband recently passed
on.  A charming neighbor named Sidney invited her to a friendly dinner to get
acquainted.   As the evening progressed the enchanted Emma invited Sidney back
to her apartment for a drink.  She politely excused herself and entered her
bedroom to prepare for an evening of pleasure.  As Sidney entered the bedroom
to his surprise Emma was wearing only black panties. 

 "Emma why are you wearing those black panties" Sidney asked
"Well I'm still in morning". Emma said.

With that, Sidney excused himself and went into another room and commenced
into undressing.  When Emma entered the room she noticed he was wearing only a
black condom.

"Sidney why on earth are you wearing a black condom" Emma asked
"I want to pay you a Shiva visit" he replied
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