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[MOL] Some History About Progress in Beating Cancer

Thought this information would be of some benefit. A little bit about

history and progress to beat this disease.

#1947-Dr. Sidney Farber achieves remission of childhood leukemia with

aminopterin, the first successful chemotherapy of cancer.

#1953--Radiation therapy is first used to ease pain from cancer and

later shown to produce 40 percent of all cures

#1960--Crusade begins to gain acceptance of the Pap test for cervial

cancer, developed by Dr GEorge Ppanicolaou.

#1968--Dr. Donald Pinkel uses high-dose radiation to prevent central

nervous system relapses and achieves 35 percent cure in childhood


#1970--The first cancer causing gene, or oncogene, is identified in a

chicken tumor virus by Dr. Peter Vogt.

#1971--Congress passes the National Cancer Act.  a dramatic piece of

health legislation that leads to federal funding of $3 billion for

cancer research

#1979--Robert Weinberg, PhD demonstrates first biologically active human

oncogene from human bladder cancer. There are more than 50 oncogenes

known today

#early 80's--Dr. Thomas Donnall pioneers the technique of bone-marrow

transplants to treat cancer.  He received the Nobel Peace prize in 1990

#1997--The National Cancer Institute documents the first overall

downturn in cancer passings.

Source-Orange County REgister

God Bless

marty auslander
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