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[MOL] E.Coli Bacteria Found in Beef

My Dear Friends,

Since we have been on a program of stimulating the immune system and a

revitalization to maintain good health taking into consideration that a

depressed immune system result in many diseases and conditions, we have

learned, as did Oprah did, that we are what we eat, we feeel what we

eat. WE have discontinued eating beef over a year ago. Much has been
written about beef and chicken and pork and this is not the time to go
into it, but in the days to come I will address the issue of what harms
and non-benefits can come from meats which include beef, chicken and

I thought this article would be of some benefit and as you know much has

been written this past year about much beef found with bacteria and

other germs. 


"The same strain of E.Coli bacteria that sickened more than two dozen

children who had visited a water park was found in beef recalled by a

Florida supplier."

The genetic match tells us that beef could have been the way that the

organism got into Georgia,: Georgias top epidemiologist, Dr. Paul Blake,

said Thursday. "It might have started the chain of infections that

ultimately resuted in contaminations of the water park."

But Andy Solomon, spokesman for te DEpartment of AGriculture in

'Washington, cautioned against drawing any cause-and-effect conclusion.

Theres no documented link," he said.

The outbreak in June was apparenly caused when a child in diapers had an

accident in the kiddie pool at a water park in Atlanta. A 2 yeaer old

died after experiencing kidney failure and other complications.

HOpe this information benefits.

God Bless

marty auslander
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