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[MOL] dearest loren

Dearest Loren:

I will include your mom is my prayers also.  It is so weird hearing from
people who are going thru the same as me.  In fact, you and I are so similar
in so many ways, from being an only child (i should say the luckiest only
children in the world) to having our beautiful mom's going thru this horrible
horrible time.  
I've found out now that I'm a mom how I appreciate my mom all the more.  Since
my dad died in 83' from malaria (in the war he got it), it's very hard having
to deal with my mom's illness.  One of the things that has saved  my sanity is
God.  My faith has been a great deal of help.  I also feel I have become a
much more compassionate person.  I sometimes feel God has put me and mom in
this to become close and to appreciate love.  Needless to say I was not a very
good catholic.  Now I pray, say novena's go to church.   If I can ask where
does your mom live.  Also why can't she receive anymore radiation?  My mom
received radiation for about a month.  She now visits her radiation doc every
3-6 months.  I haven't been told she will not get radiation any longer at all.
It is a true pleasure to listen to you and write you as well.
My prayers and thoughts are with you and your loved ones. Let me know your
mom's name so I can incude her in my St Jude list tommorow. 
Love PJ
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