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[MOL] a note from pj's hubby

Hi Everyone!!!
I'm PJ's hubby Robbert (sebbie70@aol.com)
Does anybody know anyone dianosed with sarcoidosis?
Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Chi Gung therapy are the main reasons why I am
alive and well!
I would be happy to share what I have learned.
In fact PJ used ChiGung Therapy with great success. For many years PJ had
recurring and frequent bouts with urninary tract infection.
PJ had been told by her doc that she would need to undergo an operation
(either removal of kidney or dialysis).
Needless to say, ONE  Chi Gung Therapeutic Session has resolved the problem
without recurrence (+7years).
In addition PJ suffers horrible from sciatica.  Accupuncture is of great help
to this condition.
PJ also used Chinese herbs to help her get pregnant.  
Thanks for listening.  
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