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[MOL] Suzanne

Suzanne, thanks for the info, I will check this out with someone, surely
with 3 oncologists, one general interist, a GP and respiroligist, someone
should be able to clarify this for me. I like the recycling explanation...
makes sense to me. I keep forgetting that sometimes I get things screwed up
simply I don't "hear" right. That's why we now tape everything as sometimes
people are still hearing things like "cancer" and never "hear" anything
after the C word. I am still confused though where is your tumor showing up
and what is abnormal in your test results. eg blood, tumor markers,etc.
What chemo are your receiving? The fact that the fluid is less is quite
encouraging news! Are you doing any complementary therapies, supplements,
etc. God bless, Jeanne

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